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1. Ethiopian News Now in English From Around the World — allaboutETHIO
Ethiopian News Now From Around the World - Are You Looking For What the World is saying About Ethiopia? We Provide You with Daily Updated News About Ethiopia From the Media Around the World... - Rate it - Details -
2. 20 of the Best and Most Famous Ethiopian Celebrities — allaboutETHIO
...Ethiopians have also migrated on a massive scale...With this migration, Ethiopians have spread out across the globe. They have assimilated in their chosen countries...The following list is of 20 of the most famous and best known Ethiopian celebrities both in Ethiopia and internationally... - Rate it - Details -
3. 20 Of The Best Poets And Poems of Ethiopia (Qene included) — allaboutETHIO
The following poems of Ethiopia provide a small glimpse of an aspect of Ethiopian life that has had little, if any, external exposure. Amharic poetry could prove to be a modest but laudable contributor towards enlightening the masses. It is almost impossible to get the proper translation of the many Ethiopian poems composed throughout the country - Rate it - Details -
4. Criminals and Crime in Ethiopia — allaboutETHIO
There of course has been the odd violent crime here and there. A little while ago, thugs were arrested in the Bole area for cutting the fingers of a young girl while trying to steal her jewelry...a large counterfeiting operation was shut down due to a report by a neighbor. This counterfeiting operation in Ethiopia was fairly sophisticated; they falsified court documents, university degrees, made counterfeit Ethiopian birr as well as fake dollars, and even had weapons stashed... - Rate it - Details -
5. Condominiums and Apartments in Ethiopia: A New Phenomenon — allaboutETHIO
When condominiums first started appearing, everyone was in agreement that these building shared many qualities similar to the ghetto housing projects common in the United States and France. It was believed that the walls were paper thin, the plumbing and electricity an atrocity, and the buildings themselves were claimed by some to already be crumbling apart. Locals thought it was the government - Rate it - Details -
6. Information About Ethiopia and 17 Useful Services You Must Know — allaboutETHIO
Ethiopia Information that is Important to Know...Health in Ethiopia...There are a lot of pharmacies in Ethiopia and they are well stocked to handle most common medicines but rare medicines might pose a problem...Although, many locals drink the tap water, it is deemed unsafe and should be boiled thoroughly... - Rate it - Details -
7. 10 Things to Expect When Dating an Ethiopian Woman — allaboutETHIO
Ethiopian women want to be appreciated for anything other than how much you want to sleep with them, but society tends to super sexualize them...Men will always remember an Ethiopian woman they have dated, for either the good or the bad...but either way, they will remember...The following are 10 things to expect when dating an Ethiopian woman... - Rate it - Details -
8. Ethiopian Government Offices-List-Contact — allaboutETHIO
All Government Offices of Ethiopia...Are you looking for an Ethiopian Government Office, Ministry, Bureau, Agency, etc.? Here you will find the contact details for the many government offices of Ethiopia. Links and Phone Numbers for agencies, offices, etc. can be found here for Ethiopian Federal Offices, as well as, the various Ethiopian Regional offices... - Rate it - Details -
9. 50 Full American Scholarships for Ethiopians in 2019 — allaboutETHIO
We understand transitioning into higher education can be a stressful ordeal: choosing the right place to study, the right country, the right field, family pressure, financial pressure and so much more. In light of this, we have put together a list of 50 full scholarships for Ethiopians to study in the United States... - Rate it - Details -
10. Ethiopian People: A Close Look at 10 Ethnicities — allaboutETHIO
Ethiopian People: A Close Look at 10 Types...One distinguishing fact about the people of Ethiopia is that there are multitudes of ethnicities, religious beliefs, tribes...The following list shows just 10 of the many peoples of Ethiopia... - Rate it - Details -
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